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IncFile Review | Affordable and Efficient Legal Assistance Service

Legal assistance is extremely expensive and is commonly a pain to take care of. You have to spend time negotiating costs, then discussing your case extensively, and then filing paperwork, and it just goes on and on. To avoid having to deal with this, a lot of people choose to go online for their legal assistance, but you have to be careful and make sure the assistance you are getting is credible. That is what we are here for. We have put together this IncFile Review so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting if you decide to work with IncFile.

IncFile Review

So, let us get down to business, is IncFile legit? You can find a lot of reviews for IncFile llc that sing its praises, and when I investigated the matter myself I found that it is pretty legit. They are not scamming you out of your hard-earned cash, you get what you pay for from them. Their primary services involve setting up new businesses and filing paperwork related to the running of your business and business taxes. They will even assist you with the very beginning steps of setting up your business like picking a name and ensuring that it is available.

If I Decide to Use IncFile, Which Package Should I Choose?

Choosing the State

One of the main things you should know about the packages available through inc file is that the fees you will have to pay change depending on where you live. Their packages are all very affordable for each of their different services, but they all include the stipulation that you will have to pay the state fees incurred by each state you plan to do business in. 

Even taking that into consideration, IncFile is much cheaper than hiring a lawyer to assist you, no matter which package you go with. This makes all of them viable choices and you should make a selection based on the type of services you need assistance with.

How Does IncFile compare to Other LLC Services?

An IncFile Review wouldn’t be complete without telling you how its services compare to other online legal assistance services. As far as their pricing goes, IncFile is much cheaper than other alternatives you might be looking into like LegalZoom. The cheapest plan you can get from IncFile is completely free outside of the state fees that you have to pay. LegalZoom starts much higher than that at approximately 80 dollars in addition to the state fees you would have to pay with IncFile.

As far as the services they offer goes, it is a bit of a mixed bag. IncFile is very dedicated to what they do, and that is managing business paperwork involving the creation of new businesses and business tax paperwork. They do other things like agent services and trademark registration, but they are primarily focused on the previously mentioned subjects. Their competitors do a lot of the same things, with some differences.

IncFile does not provide attorney services, so you cannot hire or speak with an attorney through their service. They also do not work with the registration of patents or any kind of patent paperwork. They also work exclusively with already created documents, outside of forming a new business. They will not assist you in the creation of custom legal paperwork.

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Does IncFile Offer Any Discounts?

You may be expecting an IncFile llc review to include some kind of discount code. Unfortunately, you will not find anything like that here. That is because IncFile is already offering prices that are much lower than their competitors. It would not be financially viable to offer discount codes for services that are already as cheap as they could possibly be. 

This might sound rather negative at first glance, but it is actually a point in their favor. Their pricing is already so cheap, that even if you were to work with one of their competitors and use a discount code, you would still save more money by working with IncFile for the price that they ask for. You may want to compare the prices of Rocket Lawyer here and ZenBusiness in this post.

You can see this in action by looking at the earlier comparison between IncFile and LegalZoom on their starter packages. Even if you were to get a 75% off coupon for LegalZoom, you would still be paying more for their service than you would by going through IncFile. So, just because you won’t be getting any discounts on IncFile services, doesn’t mean you aren’t saving money by working with them.

Does IncFile Have Good Customer Support?

As with any organization that operates primarily online, you will hear mixed reports regarding their customer service. There have certainly been reports of IncFile customer service dropping the ball or having a negative interaction, but there are way more good stories. If that isn’t enough, I can tell you that I have never had a bad interaction with their customer service representatives.

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Do They Have a Refund Policy?

You can have your order refunded, but only if you request that refund before IncFile has sent your payment to the state. After that part of the transaction has been completed, it is out of their hands. This effectively means that you have approximately 24 hours to issue a refund request before your transaction is non-refundable.

If you do decide that you want to cancel your order with IncFile, you will have to do it through their support email as they do not accept cancellations by phone. This is important to note because if you are trying to get this done at the last minute then you don’t want to make the mistake of calling them and then finding out that you can only request a refund through email.

Can I Form an LLC on My Own?

You can certainly go the route of filing to create an LLC on your own without the assistance of an IncFile registered agent or another type of professional LLC formation company. That said, there is no way to avoid having to pay the state fees to have that done and if you are going to be paying those fees anyway, there is no reason not to get some assistance from IncFile, since they won’t charge you any more money for their basic package.

Creating your own LLC is a bit difficult and complex, which is why people spend lots of money to have other people do it for them. That said, if you have your heart set on doing it yourself, you can certainly do that.

Should I Reserve My LLC Name Before Forming an LLC With IncFile?

The only reason you would have to reserve your LLC name before you started working with a service like IncFile is if you were still feeling hesitant about going through with it, and that’s fine! Forming an LLC is an important decision and you should only go through with it when you’re ready. It is also true that some states require that you reserve your LLC’s name before you create one, but even in states where that is the case, IncFile will help you take care of it because it is a required part of the formation process.

Does IncFile Handle New York Publication Requirements?

IncFile does not take care of the requirements for publication because those need to be taken care of directly by the owner with the state. This is a bummer for those people looking to form LLCs in New York, but on the bright side, they will still help you with name reservation because that is part of the process for forming the LLC.

Does IncFile Share My Information With Third Parties?

IncFile has a series of “special offers” that require you to share your information with certain third-parties. That said, they are all optional and now that you are aware of them you can just tell them that you want to opt-out of any special offers that they might be offering.

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How Quickly Does IncFile Process LLC Formations?

How quickly all of the paperwork gets processed and the formation of your LLC takes depends on what state you are operating out of, which means it is impossible to give you an exact timeline of how long it will take from the time you finish the paperwork to when it will be done. That said, it is pretty fast. 

We know this because IncFile will file your paperwork with the state within 24 hours as we mentioned earlier in the review, which means the formation process and how long it takes will be entirely in the hands of the state after that point. 

If you do not have time to wait for that process to complete, then you can sign up for a speedier option with them that will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for your paperwork to process. In some cases, it is the difference between the process taking weeks and it taking days instead.


IncFile’s pricing is extremely low. We have already talked about their basic Silver package, which is free except for the state fees that you are going to have to pay anyway, no matter which service you work with. If you need a little bit of extra oomph, then the next package they offer, the Gold package, is also extremely competitive. It does come with an added 150 dollar fee, but it also comes with a lot of added benefits that are well worth the price they are asking.

They also offer a Platinum package that includes all of the features of the Silver and Gold packages, with even more added benefits on top which mostly revolve around speeding up the process of filing paperwork and expediting the formation of your LLC.

Silver, Gold and Platinum package


There are a lot of reasons to like IncFile and its services. The big one is obviously the pricing. It is hard to beat the low, low price of free. No matter which service you go with, you are going to have to pay those pesky state fees, so they aren’t a part of the consideration here. When you compare the base fee for services rendered from IncFile and its competitors, the best that they can do is match what IncFile has to offer and most of them don’t even do that.

Another huge benefit of working with IncFile is how quickly everything gets done! They have a 24-hour turn around time on your paperwork. That’s super fast! From the moment that paperwork leaves your outbox and reaches their inbox, you only have to wait a single day for it to be in the hands of the state and for the process to begin and the sooner it begins the sooner it's finished!


There is a single big downside to working with IncFile and that is that you cannot actually speak with and get advice from a legal professional through their service. They are online legal assistance and they are very clear about the fact that legal counsel is not an option. They also do not provide any assistance with the creation of legal documents, which is a huge pain. That said, the rest of their services are absolutely worth the small bit of extra work you have to do on your part for the cost you are paying.

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