About Us

The Legality is comprised of two working lawyers with over 30 years of combined experience and a passion for writing. We felt that besides our daily jobs in the office, we needed something a little more exciting in our lives. After thousands of hours of working with our clients, we have developed a knack for legal analysis. And, because of our passion for writing, we have also developed somewhat of a natural knack for blogging. Therefore, we started looking for ways to combine the two interests of ours.
Before long, The Legality was born.
The inspiration behind The Legality was explaining common law problems to the average citizen. Time and time again we encounter clients who are completely unaware of their rights, their duties, and the law generally. There could be many reasons for this, and it’s not our mission to find out the causes of this problem. It is, however, our missions to create the solution to this problem. The solution is, of course – The Legality, where you can find information about important law topics in an easy-to-understand, simple manner.
After all, we are not geared towards lawyers. The Legality is not your average law journal. The Legality is an online law journal for non-lawyers.