About Us

The Legality is a legal journal for the average citizen. We believe that law should be accessible and understandable for each and every citizen, no matter their education level or prior legal knowledge. In our publications, you will find legal product reviews, and various other topics surrounding the legal world.

As lawyers, we felt that in addition to our daily routine in the office, we needed something extra to keep us passionate about our work. After thousands of hours of working with different clients, we had developed a knack for legal analysis. However, what we felt was that despite the rapidly changing regulations and a fast-paced lifestyle, we were falling into a certain kind of routine. While we have yet to break that routine, we HAVE managed to change it – by starting this blog.
The idea behind The Legality was to explain common law problems to the average citizen. Time and time again, we encountered clients who were completely unaware of their rights, their duties, and most legal regulations. Website owners and business owners knew next to nothing about personal data laws, and neither did the citizens who these laws were supposed to protect.
We hope that with our articles, we can bring basic legal know-how to the masses. Our articles are mostly written with our internal team, but we also coordinate with thought leaders and respected business owners to create content. We are not hoping to change the world – we just want you to know your rights and duties.
Feel free to reach out to us over at our administrative e-mail “admin@thelegality.com” if you have any questions you would like to ask. Keep in mind, though, that we don’t provide actual professional legal advice neither on this website nor through our e-mail. For professional legal counsel, you will always need to contact a law firm.