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Are you ready to tackle the ever-changing GDPR landscape? The Legality is your go-to source dedicated to providing the latest news and information on GDPR. Its easy-to-use site is designed with top security and guaranteed safety.

Our comprehensive and easy-to-follow guides will help keep your website updated with the latest regulations. You’ll be confident and focus on growing your business instead.

We offer detailed guides about GDPR, from data protection to privacy and security. These guidelines ensure you understand the latest rules and regulations and how to implement them on your website. With our expert tips and techniques to boost website security, we take all compliance worries off your plate.

Check out The Legality today —we want to ensure you’re one step ahead to providing peace of mind with web operations, security, privacy, and success!

Meet Jimmy Marshall

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Meet Jimmy Marshall, with an impressive 20+ years of legal experience; he is your go-to source for knowledgeable counsel and unparalleled expertise when it comes to data protection and privacy.

The brains behind The Legality.com, a digital legal platform providing companies and businesses of all levels the essential counsel needed to remain GDPR compliant and other data protection regulations.

Drawing on his law degree from the University of Maryland and his LLM in Internet and Technology Law from the University of Chicago, plus several Certified Information Privacy Manager and Certified Information Privacy Protection from Europe, among other qualifications.

Businesses have frequently sought out Jimmy for guidance in their pursuit of GDPR compliance — he even shares his expertise through speaking engagements at conferences and seminars to help others stay informed.

So when it comes to data protection and privacy, you can count on Jimmy Marshall and The Legality as your go-to source for the latest news and information.