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Best Terms and Conditions Generators for 2023

In order to compile this review, two data protection lawyers reviewed the Internet’s top-rated terms and conditions generators.

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TermsFeed Review

In our TermsFeed review, we put the legal agreement generator to the test. We evaluated TermsFeed’s automated documents for compliance, …

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Best Privacy Policy Generators: What Generator Should You Use in 2023?

As you start building your business website, one of the things most businesses tend to overlook is the privacy policy. …

Who We Are

As lawyers, we felt that in addition to our daily routine in the office, we needed something extra to keep us passionate about our work. After thousands of hours of working with different clients, we had developed a knack for legal analysis. However, what we felt was that despite the rapidly changing regulations and a fast-paced lifestyle, we were falling into a certain kind of routine. While we have yet to break that routine, we HAVE managed to change it – by starting this blog.

The idea behind The Legality was to explain common law problems to the average citizen. Time and time again, we encountered clients who were completely unaware of their rights, their duties, and most legal regulations. Website owners and business owners knew next to nothing about personal data laws, and neither did the citizens who these laws were supposed to protect.

We hope that with our articles, we can bring basic legal know-how to the masses. Our articles are mostly written with our internal team, but we also coordinate with thought leaders and respected business owners to create content. We are not hoping to change the world – we just want you to know your rights and duties.

Feel free to reach out to us over at our administrative e-mail “admin@thelegality.com” if you have any questions you would like to ask. Keep in mind, though, that we don’t provide actual professional legal advice neither on this website nor through our e-mail. For professional legal counsel, you will always need to contact a law firm. 

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ZenBusiness Review | How Does It Stack Against Other Online Legal Services?

Starting a small business is difficult and stressful for business owners. It involves preparation and filing of formation documents with the state such as sales …

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Rocket Lawyer Review | A Trusted Legal Aid Service For All Your Business Needs

If you are looking for all of the information you could ever need on the legal advice and counseling offered by Rocket Lawyer then this is the Rocket Lawyer review for you.

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IncFile Review | Affordable and Efficient Legal Assistance Service

Legal assistance is extremely expensive and is commonly a pain to take care of. You have to spend time negotiating costs, then discussing your case …



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What Are The Different Types Of Lawyers?

Over the thousands of years that the legal profession has …

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Word of the Week: Esquire

Each week we select a legal term or phrase that’s …

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Are Your Cell Phone Text Messages Safe from Government Eyes?

Politics just wouldn’t be politics without scandals, and the scandal …

Business Registration

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ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom | Our Expert Recommendation

ZenBusiness VS LegalZoom, wondering which the best online legal service …

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LegalZoom vs Incfile | Are Both Services Equally Good?

In this LegalZoom vs Incfile review, you will learn the …

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Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom | Which One Is Best For Your Legal Needs?

Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom provide online legal services. They are …

Legal Documents

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Why You Need a Cookie Policy on Your Website [And What It Should Contain]

We’ve all been asked to “accept” or “reject” cookie consent …

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What Is a Cookie Policy? Facts, FAQs, and Its Importance

In today’s digital age, data privacy is a contentious topic. …

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Cookie Law: A Full Guide to the ePrivacy Directive

With the rise of the internet, data privacy laws have …