Best Privacy Policy Generators for 2019

We tested all of the most popular privacy policy generating tools on the market for this review.
Our test results are what enabled us to arrive at this list of the top 10 best privacy policy generators.
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We filtered through hundreds of pages of automatically generated privacy policies for this review. Some were fully legally compliant - others not in the slightest. Privacy policy generators CAN be highly useful - but only if you use the best ones.

Privacy policy statements are a requirement in most countries. If you own an online business and/or website, whether as an individual or as a business, you’ll need a privacy policy. Having an updated and legally-compliant privacy policy boosts your credibility and trustworthiness, but it also protects you from any potential legal risks and complications. International regulations surrounding personal data protection are growing stricter by the day, and it’s highly impractical to try to write your own legal documents. However, we realize that not all small businesses can afford to hire a legal firm to write a personalized document. This is where privacy policy generators play an important role. For free, website and app owners can get the basic outline of a privacy policy within minutes. And, those willing to pay a small fee can get a fully law compliant privacy policy for around $50. Using a privacy policy generator is easier than you might think, as you can see from the following image:
Using a Privacy Policy Generator
Using TermsFeed's privacy policy generator mostly involves ticking boxes.

While TermsFeed proved itself to be an effective and easy-to-use piece of software, we can’t say the same about all of them. Many privacy policy generators are not nearly as lawful as they advertise. Our testing revealed that most of the documents we generated online were missing highly important clauses – especially the free privacy policy generators. Without ALL of the necessary legal clauses a policy becomes useless in a court of law. Therefore, most of our recommendation ended up being premium generators.

However, before we get into the details – let’s talk about what a privacy policy generator actually is.

What is A Privacy Policy Generator?

Privacy policy generators are software tools which create custom privacy policy statements. Some are free while others come at a small price to help business owners cover all legal clauses required by law. While bigger websites can and should consult a legal team for their privacy policies, privacy policy generators work for a majority of small businesses and individuals.

What to Look For in a Privacy Policy Generator

Searching for “privacy policy generator” yields dozens, if not hundreds, of results. While they all promise the same thing, there a few things to consider that will help you weed out the good from the bad. The best privacy policy generators have to cover absolutely ALL of these bases in order to be worth a recommendation.


If you’re collecting information from the EU and you want to stay risk-free, GDPR abiding privacy policy generators are where you want to be looking. If you’re collecting information from the US, look for a generator that adheres to CalOPPA standards. There are other regulatory bodies and laws you may need to watch out for, so read the fine print and make sure your generator covers it.


Some online privacy policy generators are easier to use than others. They can range from pages-long questionnaires to a simple one-screen form. The longer ones tend to be more detailed and tailor-fit, but they’ll also take more time to complete.

You’ll also need to find a privacy policy generator that avoids jargon and makes the process easy for you. The best privacy policy generators on this list have straightforward controls and intuitive interfaces that make writing your privacy policy a breeze.


While a privacy policy generator is never going to rival a privacy policy written by an actual expert of the law, you can still get a well-written and compliant privacy policy with a good online generator. If you have specific needs, such as e-commerce or third-party services, you’ll need a privacy policy generator that includes clauses for those.


Unlike what some websites will tell you, there is no one-size-fits-all template for a privacy policy. The contents heavily depend on the nature of your business, your platform, if your website has certain functionalities, etc. Privacy policy generators can still tailor-fit your privacy policy to match what your website offers. They’ll often let you input details about your site or app so that they can create a custom privacy policy that covers everything it needs to.


There are privacy policy generators at different price points and payment options. You can find free generators, one-time payment generators, or generators with recurring fees. Consider your budget, what features you need, and if you have any special requirements.

Thankfully, most generators come at a reasonably affordable price, especially if you compare it to hiring a lawyer. We’d say that all of the paid generators on this list are worth the money, but it’s still up to you to decide which is the most cost-effective option for your website.

What are the Best Privacy Policy Generators?

The following are the best privacy policy generators on the market right now.

#1. Best Overall: TermsFeed

Review Score:

TermsFeed is the quickest, most easy-to-use, and best overall privacy policy generator overall we tested for this review article. We covered the platform in great detail in our TermsFeed review.

TermsFeed - Best Overall Privacy Policy Generator


  • Free (Basic policy – does not contain GDPR & CalOPPA clauses)
  • $30-$70 (Custom policy – fully compliant with international law)


  • Free and paid documents
  • 6 different types of legal agreements
  • Export to 4 available formats
  • Downloadable privacy policy templates


TermsFeed tops our list of online privacy policy generators because it is fast, effortless to use, and extremely high-quality. It’s also relatively affordable compared to its alternatives, as you only have to pay once. Competitors such as iubenda (featured at #2) have decided to go for a subscription-based model instead, giving TermsFeed a clear advantage over them.  

While you can get a free privacy policy from TermsFeed, we would not recommend it. That is because only the premium versions include sections for GDPR and CalOPPA international laws. Without these clauses, the privacy policy will not hold in a court of law. Therefore, spend the extra ~$30 and get the premium version if you really want your business to be lawful.


  • Very simple to use
  • Affordable one-time cost for legal document generation
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Intuitive interface, even for people who aren’t tech-savvy
  • Personalized app or website privacy policy generation


  • Free privacy policy templates don’t include all legally-mandated clauses
  • Free policies not as in-depth and comprehensive as premium policies

#2. Most Comprehensive: iubenda

Review Score:

Generating a privacy policy with iubenda is not as simple as with TermsFeed. However, the end result is highly refined and detail-oriented. If you use a large number of personal data processing services, then iubenda will be the best privacy policy generator for your business. Read our iubenda review for further information on this platform.


  • Free (Basic policy – does not contain GDPR & CalOPPA clauses)
  • $27/year (Custom policy – fully compliant with international law)


  • Free and paid plans for one or multiple sites/apps
  • Website & app privacy policy generators
  • Over 600+ pre-crafted privacy policy clauses
  • One-click cookie policy activation
  • Offline viewing options
  • Options to integrate the privacy policy as a widget, link, or embedded text

Undoubtedly one of the top-rated privacy policy generators online, iubenda boasts a gorgeous design, detailed lawyer-level policy statements, unrivaled customization, and an easy subscription model that even the smallest of businesses can afford. Iubenda is used by over 60,000 companies including Honda, Open Gov, and MIT.

The primary reason we did not rank it higher than TermsFeed is the fact that it’s not exactly intuitive to use. You will likely have to set aside multiple hours to finish your policy, as iubenda allows you to list absolutely ALL of your personal data collecting processes. Unlike TermsFeed, it’s highly specific, and you need to have a good overview of your business to use it effectively. However, in terms of the end result – iubenda created by far the most comprehensive privacy policy out of all those we tested.


  • Support for multiple languages and countries
  • Hundreds of legal clauses crafted by a team of legal experts in international law
  • Always up-to-date and compliant with the latest regulations
  • Multiple ways to integrate the privacy policy
  • Beautiful user-friendly interface


  • Limited basic/free plans
  • Recurring payments or payments on a monthly/yearly basis

Best Free Privacy Policy Generator

Our Rating:

Pricing: Free (basic plan), premium policies start at $50

Click here to start’s Privacy Policy Generator

You wouldn’t expect this simple site to be this useful, but Free Privacy Policy hits all the important marks. They’ve generated almost 900,000 understandable, comprehensive, and (mostly) legally-compliant policies—all for a low, low price of absolutely free.

However, similarly to TermsFeed and iubenda, their free privacy policies don’t include all necessary clauses. Namely they are missing GDPR and CalOPPA sections. To get a full privacy policy you do, once again, need to spend some money. For this reason, we gave TermsFeed the top-rated privacy policy generator spot. While you can get a free privacy policy from, it will likely not be enough to make you legally compliant.


  • GPDR privacy policy generator with compliance verification
  • Free with available paid add-ons and installation options
  • Easy to read and understand policies
  • Privacy policy examples and guides available


  • No payment or sign-up involved
  • Only pay for the add-ons you want
  • Comprehensive legal coverage


  • Questionnaire is long, takes a while to fill out information
  • Privacy policy must be downloaded, no accessible web version
  • Free policies don’t include all clauses

4. Shopify
Free E-Commerce Privacy Policy Generator

Our Rating:

Pricing: Free

Click here to start Shopify’s Privacy Policy Generator

Shopify may be known as an e-commerce platform, but they also provide free legal tools for online businesses. It’s a bit niche, but it does provide a personalized website privacy policy that’s good enough for most shops and vendors.


  • Free GPDR privacy policy generator for online vendors and shops
  • Tools include privacy policy, refund policy, and terms of service policy
  • Simple form generates custom privacy policies quickly


  • Tailor-fit for e-commerce websites
  • Can sign up for a free trial of Shopify
  • Access to other helpful tools like logo creators, HD photo galleries, and more
  • Fast and very easy to use


  • Only for e-commerce sites
  • No option to add extra clauses
  • Uses generic privacy policy template for all users

5. Firebase App Generator
Best Free App Privacy Policy Generator

Our Rating:

Pricing: Free

Click here to start Firebase’s Privacy Policy Generator

If you’re trying to write a privacy policy for an app you’ve developed, look no further than the Firebase App Privacy Policy Generator. This generator is incredibly simple, free to use, and even integrates links to some of the most common third-party services like Google Play and Facebook.


  • Built specifically for mobile apps
  • Simple one-page form with integrated third-party service providers


  • Easy and free privacy policy generator for app developers
  • Supports multiple OS’s and app types
  • Takes only a few minutes to set up and customize


  • Limited list of third-party services
  • Does not generate privacy policies for SaaS/web apps or websites


Our Rating:

Pricing: Free for basic privacy policy; $39-$49 for GPDR-compliant and international privacy policies

Click here to start’s Privacy Policy Generator

Another popular choice on the net, Privacy Policies provides free or paid privacy policies for businesses and individuals. Unlike other free generators, it doesn’t use a template, avoids confusing legalese, supports multiple languages other than English, and can be accessed online or downloaded in a variety of formats. Plus, you can get custom GPDR/internationally-compliant privacy policies for a reasonably small one-time fee.


Our Rating:

Pricing: Free for basic privacy policy; $5-$45 for custom privacy policies

Click here to start’s Privacy Policy Generator

GetTerms is one of the best privacy policy generators for bloggers, freelancers, or smaller sites. It’s a simple, no-frills privacy policy generator with an elegant, intuitive interface. You can choose from free, basic, or comprehensive privacy policies by just filling out a simple form—no email or sign-up required.  They offer a wide range of personalized privacy policies for websites, mobile apps, SaaS applications, e-commerce sites, and news/blogs sites.


Our Rating:

Pricing: Free

Click here to start’s Privacy Policy Generator

You can’t get any simpler than Privacy Policy Online. The free form is right on the homepage, so you can generate privacy policy pretty much instantly. It covers the most popular advertisers/third-party affiliates while also providing valuable resources to learn about privacy policies and regulations. Besides generating your privacy policy, you can also generate an HTML version to copy and paste into your website code.


Our Rating:

Pricing: Free

Click here to start’s Privacy Policy Generator

The best thing about website policies is that it is one of the only website privacy policy generators at its price point that doesn’t use a template and automatically updates your privacy policy when laws/requirements change. They are also one of the only companies to offer an affiliate program that lets you earn commission on your referrals. Website Policies uses an easy 3-step process and is available in free, paid, and bundle options.

10. AutoTerms Privacy Policy Generator

Our Rating:

Pricing: Free for basic privacy policy; premium licenses at $19-$39 per site

Click here to start AutoTerms’ Privacy Policy Generator

This powerful WordPress plugin lets you easily generate a privacy policy for your WP site. WP AutoTerms is integrated right into your dashboard, so you can create important legal pages such as terms and conditions, privacy policy statements, cookies notice, and affiliate endorsements.


If you don’t have a privacy policy for your website yet, don’t worry. These privacy policy generators can help you create a custom privacy policy for your business in just a few minutes. We highly recommend using Terms Feed because you can get high-quality legal statements at a low one-time cost. Plus, customizing your privacy policy is as easy as ticking a few boxes.

However, if you want something more detailed (and are willing to shell out a monthly or yearly fee for it), you can’t go wrong with Iubenda. The interface is incredibly easy to follow, and the result is a privacy policy that’s almost on par with an attorney-penned one.

Whichever option you go for, you can still seek professional advice to make sure your privacy policy is airtight. Also, even the most well-written privacy policy is moot if you don’t follow it! Make sure you have the proper privacy business practices in place to support your new policy.