LegalZoom Review

LegalZoom helps average Americans across all the 50 states to achieve legal compliance in a quick and highly efficient manner.

LegalZoom works to bridge the gap between the need for legal services and access to an affordable attorney within a short time. Most of their clients get assistance in business formation, estate planning, contracts, and trademarks, but they also offer other self-guided legal services without billing you by the hour. Those who want to achieve legal compliance while saving time and money will find LegalZoom a powerful and effective assistant, evident from their consistently high ratings across hundreds of reviews.
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    When running your own business, having a lawyer on retainer isn’t a luxury that many can afford thanks to low cash liquidity and tight margins. Legal Zoom puts an attorney’s power in your hands without incurring the huge legal fees that it sometimes takes to prepare certain documents.  Their main clientele is growing businesses that have no in-house lawyers or legal departments who want legal advice or a convenient to use online law firm.

    Incorporated in 2001, Legal Zoom has worked with more than 4 million consumers and businesses to resolve their legal issues.  From basic contract agreements to incorporation fillings and everything in between, the company gives you better protection at an affordable price every day. You can do any of the following at LegalZoom:

    • Start a business and file the formation paperwork
    • Prepare legal documents using your e-signature
    • Register a trademark and apply for copyright protection or a patent
    • Change the business name and get tax advice
    • Talk to a lawyer to get legal documents (such as divorce papers) reviewed

    This Legal Zoom review will take a deep dive into the legal software and reveal everything you crave to know about this online legal service provider.  Throughout the review, we’ll examine the pricing, services, user experience and also what other online customers are saying about Legal Zoom. That will help us to know how the company performs in real-life lawyer’s work scenarios.

    LegalZoom’s Pricing

    LegalZoom offers variable and highly affordable prices depending on the services you need. They adjust the price of each service according to the scope, complexity, and timeframe so it really depends on your will, incorporation, or divorce situation.  The company offers various service packages, and the price is well worth the services. Though there are no free trials, their satisfaction guarantee is LegalZoom’s biggest advantage, offering you a 100% refund on within 60 days of your purchase.

    While legal fees can be expensive, LegalZoom believes everyone should have access to services that will help them achieve their goals. Unlike most of their competitors, they have a 100% money-back guarantee which you can leverage at any time with two months of purchase. Of course, the company only refunds fees directly paid to them excluding the state fees.

    LegalZoom’s services are available at different price packages depending on the complexity of the type of service you need. Starting with their LLC services, you’ll need to decide between three levels of packages all with different features and timeframes.

    These pricing packages include:

    • Economy – This package will cost you $79 plus your state’s filing fees for an expected turnaround of about 30 days. With the package, you’ll get a comprehensive name availability search, articles of association preparation, LLC filing, Tax Savings analysis, digital tracker and one-on-one customer support.
    • Standard – Available for $329 plus filing fees, this package has all the economy package features and more exciting stuff lined up for your business. The package guarantees a fast turnaround within 15 business days, while also giving you a deluxe organizer, official printed seals and certificates and a business newsletter.
    • Express Gold – Offered at $349 excluding filing fees, this is the fastest package at LegalZoom. They deliver your papers within ten business days while allowing you to enjoy all the features in the first two packages and so much more. That includes LegalZoom’s VIP processing, priority filing, express shipping, financial account authorization letter and a lifetime customer support 7days a week.

    For estate-planning services such as preparing wills and Trusts, LegalZoom also offers three packages, starting from $69 to $300. Other services such as registering a trademark and others related to intellectual property are available at a one-time fee ranging from about $100 to $600. Moreover, Add-ons incur additional costs. However, to use LegalZoom is straightforward with their charges, and they have all the details you need below each of service on their site. They include:

    LegalZoom LLC

    LegalZoom LLC

    While various legal service providers can help you create a limited liability company (LLC) online, LegalZoom is the most reputable brand. With LegalZoom, the process is simple and straightforward, adding you to millions of satisfied customers who’ve used their services for the last two decades.

    Similar to a corporation, a limited liability company is a business entity that provides personal liability protection to the owners – also known as members. However, an LLC is more flexible to a corporation in that it’s managed and taxed in a way that the members can be allocated profits and losses. Additionally, an LLC has bank accounts and assets to conduct business as a legal entity separate from its owners.

    Given that starting an LLC on your own can be a little tricky and time consuming, we recommend hiring an attorney to help you with the process. Keep in mind that registering an LLC is a state-specific process and requires drafting accurate articles of association according to your state laws. Nevertheless, starting an LLC with LegalZoom is easy.

    Here is a quick guide on forming an LLC with LegalZoom:

    • Select the state to form the LLC – Forming an LLC is a state-specific process, so you need to decide where to form the business before filing the paperwork. You can choose various states for the LLC formation if you plan your company to operate in multiple states. However, you’ll need to consider the convenience, taxes, recording and reporting requirements in the states you choose.
    • Select a company name – Though the legal requirements may vary from one state to another, your LLC cant share a name with another business registered in the same state. Some states also restrict the use of certain words in a business name and must use a business designation (LLC) at the end. You can search if the name of your LLC is available in your state for free using LegalZoom.
    • Choose a registered agent – Also known as a statutory agent; this is a person who receives official documents and lawsuits on behalf of the company. You can appoint LegalZoom as your company’s registered agent for just $249 per year added on your package.
    • Prepare an Operating Agreement for your LLC – This document describes how the LLC will operate, the procedure of admitting new members and ways of dealing with leaving members. LegalZoom offers you this document for about $99, but it will cost you up to $249 if you want to get local permits and licenses, as well as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). The EIN is required for opening a bank account for your LLC, and it’s not mandatory for you to LegalZoom though they make things easier.
    • Prepare articles of Association – After laying the groundwork, preparing articles of organization is the next step to establish your LLC. It’s the document that you file with your state to establish your company. However, LegalZoom does this for you with any of their three packages.
    • File the articles of organization – To register your LLC, you must submit the articles and pay a filing fee to the state’s filing agency. LegalZoom does this for you within the time specified in your package, ensuring that you get your paperwork within 30 business days.

    In some states, you may need to publish a notice stating your intention to form an LLC. The notice is usually published multiple times within a few weeks. Nevertheless, LegalZoom helps you form an LLC quickly and affordable.

    LegalZoom Will

    To protect your family and loved ones using a legally binding will, LegalZoom offers state-specific wills that meet all the legal requirements. You can easily revoke the will at any time before your death by making a new one to detail your wishes. Moreover, LegalZoom can help you to create a living will for end-of-life care preference such as life-support.

    The last will is a legal document that allows you (the testator) to designate your property and possessions to individuals or charities when you die. These individuals are known as the beneficiaries of your will. The will may allow you to appoint a guardian for your minor child. That is mainly done to ensure your wishes don’t clash with the state’s default laws upon your death. 

    With LegalZoom, you can complete your last will in less than 5 minutes, with as little as $69 with the basic plan. That includes personalized directives that align with the laws of your state, digital downloads and free revisions within 30 days. You can also get a living will (commonly known as Advance directive) for end-of-life care with the Estate Plan Bundle that costs about $149. However, you can also consider getting a living trust instead of a will depending on your estate size.

    LegalZoom Living Trust

    The LegalZoom Living-Trust makes sure your loved ones enjoy your assets without being drained by legal costs, giving them clarity and peace. It’s easy to set up and allows your beneficiaries to gain quick access to their inheritance if you’re incapacitated.

    This legally states who manages and distributes your assets if you’re incapacitated. It also specifies the beneficiaries of your properties once you pass away. This legal document transfers your assets to the trust once signed, but you remain in total control of the property until you are unable to do so. Additionally, the property can be distributed or managed without going to the probate court.

    Here is why you may want a living trust instead of a will:

    • It’s a smart way to keep your money in the family without going through expensive and potentially lengthy probate court proceedings.
    • Your financial and personal matters remain private.
    • It helps you avoid appointing a trustee through court proceedings if you are incapacitated.

    For less than $300, LegalZoom offers this legal document to over 2 million clients to ensure their property goes to the right people at the right moment. They help you manage and distribute your assets efficiently without any interference from the court.

    LegalZoom Trust

    Setting Up a legal trust at LegalZoom is a fast two-step process that can be completed within the hour. You can set various types of trusts and allow your family to rest easy knowing their inheritance is protected while avoiding probate in the event of your demise.

    A Trust is basically a legal arrangement where a person (the grantor) transfers the management of assets to another party (a trustee) who holds and manages them for the benefit of the beneficiaries. It’s a legal device used to avoid or delay taxes, protect assets and avoid probate.

    With LegalZoom, you can protect your finances with the durable power of attorney that may take less than 20 minutes to set up. A power of attorney lets someone you trust to run your estate, and take care of important matters like managing your investment and paying your bills. You can also set up a healthcare power of attorney that designates a third party to make decisions over your health in case you’re unable to communicate your decision.

    See more information about this service here.

    LegalZoom Registered Agent

    LegalZoom’s Registered Agent Services lets this premier legal service provider accept and store all your legal documents and allow you to view them online. With all your documents online, you’ll never miss a thing.

    Like all business owners, you get important legal documents delivered by mail or served in person. However, most states require you to have a registered agent (RA) – a third-party who receives those documents on your behalf.

    Here is why it’s beneficial to LegalZoom as your RA:

    • A Registered Agent ensures that you receive filing notifications from the state’s agencies, helping you avoid penalties.
    • It gives you the freedom to run your business without interference when receiving items by mail.
    • It offers a layer of privacy as the public record shows your RA’s address.
    • LegalZoom offers you unlimited storage space to enable you to upload and store all your important legal documents in one place.

    LegalZoom Trademark

    After working hard to build a solid name for your business, LegalZoom expands the legal protection over your brand with a registered trademark. The company has done this countless times (over 200,000 times) and has crafted a 15-minute questionnaire that makes the application process easy.

    A trademark protects your logo, symbols, words, names and slogans that identify and distinguish your brand from others. Registering a federal trademark has several advantages, including exclusive rights for nationwide use of the mark with your products or services. It also gives you the legal ownership on your mark and gives you the right to sue infringing parties.

    Having registered more than 200,000 trademarks, LegalZoom has a strong understanding of the process and has crafted a questionnaire that makes it simple. LegalZoom will do a basic search of your trademark and inform you if there are any conflicts to improve the chances of your brand success.

    LegalZoom Divorce

    The LegalZoom’s divorce process is tailored to give a convenient and affordable way to create a fair and affordable settlement. It ensures that your divorce process convenient and less damaging to the people you love, your finances and your personal life.

    While divorce processes can be lengthy, painful and ultimately costly to your family and finances, there is a less damaging way of doing it. With the LegalZoom Wevorce services, you and your partner can handle the divorce more affordably and conveniently. This premium self-guided divorce solution offers:

    • A peaceful and collaborative divorce process that creates file-ready documents
    • Co-parenting and financial mapping tools powered by top-notch technology
    • Complete court documents with filling instructions

    If you are engaged to be marriage, you can safeguard your properties from gold diggers by creating a prenup agreement. The prenuptial agreement specifies the ownership of the property that each of you brings to the marriage and also establishes what happens to the assets in case of a divorce, separation and death.

    LegalZoom Name Changes

    With LegalZoom’s Name Change, you can begin a new life by easily changing your name for whatever your reason may be. They offer lifetime support and 100% satisfaction guarantee for adult and minor’s name change. LegalZoom is your best bet for changing your name and creating a new identity.

    LegalZoom efficiently facilitates your name after completing a short questionnaire with easy to follow instructions. An adult name change will cost you about $139, while a name change for your minor will cost around $165. The cost includes several services such as:

    • Comprehensive state-specific name change documents
    • Peace of Mind review
    • Simple filing instructions to properly change your name in your local court
    • A checklist to notify financial institutions and government agencies about your new name
    • Additional renewal applications and federal forms

    LegalZoom Incorporation

    Over a million Businesses have trusted LegalZoom to help them incorporate their businesses online in the last 12 months. Their process is easy and fast thanks to their 15-minute questionnaire that gives them all the information needed to start the process. You can use LegalZoom instead of lawyers to save hundreds or even a few thousand dollars.

    If you want to form a corporation with ease, speed and value, LegalZoom is your best bet. A corporation is ideal for anyone planning to raise money from investors and also go public in the future. However, the strict formalities established in most states make it hard for you to launch a corporation on your own without legal help. 

    The strict formalities involved in forming a corporation give the investors adequate information about how the company is run. However, just like forming a limited liability company, LegalZoom will incorporate your company based on three price bouquets with a $50,000 peace of mind satisfaction guarantee.

    Customer Service

    For customer support, LegalZoom’s team of support staff is available to help you get the best legal services to fulfill your goals. You can use the form on their website to reach their help desk for any legal questions, but you can also give them a call for a quick response. To call their sales desk, LegalZoom is available through their United States number from Monday to Friday from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm PT. They are also available on weekends from 7 am to 4 pm Pacific time.

    To call LegalZoom’s customer care help desk, you’ll need to do it within their normal business hours from Monday to Saturday, since they are closed on Sundays. You can also read through their FAQ section to get answers to the most common questions that people ask these legal service providers. From our experience, LegalZoom has professional customer service, and they have a great response time.

    LegalZoom Online Reviews

    LegalZoom is a known online legal service provider, with enough reviews to show for it. While we didn’t find any alarming issues with their services, we decided to check other LegalZoom reviews to know what others feel. The results were quite impressive, though some clients raised had some legitimate concerns on different services.

    In general, most customers who used LegalZoom were happy with the professional services and quick turnaround time though some raised issues of inconsistent customer service representatives. Some clients also raised issues when canceling their recurring services, though LegalZoom helped out after several calls and emails. That said, LegalZoom still has a huge number of 5-star reviews online, clearly indicating that most of their customers are pleased with their services.


    Based on our in-depth review, I’d rank LegalZoom legal services at 4.6 stars on a scale of 5. This premier legal service provider is worth considering if you need help accessing any legal document or an attorney’s help – without breaking the bank. To find out more about LegalZoom or their services for more information, check out their homepage or read other online reviews.