The 4 Best Cookie Banner Generators in 2023: Complete Guide on Cookie Banners

Now that you know what cookies are and why your websites need them, you might be wondering how you can inform your users about your cookie policy.

The best way to do this is by adding a cookie banner to your website’s homepage.

Here’s everything you need to know about cookie consent banner generators and how they can help you as a website owner.

The 4 Best Cookie Consent Banner Generator Sites Available:

To get the best cookie banner for your business website, you should find a reliable generator that knows the requirements for cookie consent. Look into these cookie consent banner generators to help your website be FULLY COMPLIANT with different privacy laws.


TermsFeed is another EXCELLENT generator you can look into.

You can easily get a free banner with no catch. However, some businesses may opt for a premium agreement for a more customized banner.

Their generators work depending on what your website needs.

2) TermsHub

TermsHub is one of the cheapest generators for web cookie banners. Upon the posting date, TermsHub is offering an 84% discount for the annual subscription of their service.

They have numerous templates and process automation, which makes creating cookie banners for websites EASIER. It’s the best cookie banner generator if you’re a freelancer or a small or mid-sized business.

However, it doesn’t support mobile devices.

3) CookieYes

CookieYes has all the basic features you need to create a cookie banner that will help you comply with all the important laws on privacy.

It has a FREE VERSION, but you can subscribe to access more features at an affordable price. You can also access their training videos and documentation free of charge!

It’s the best banner generator for website administrators and owners looking for an easy way to inform their users about cookies. It supports websites on SaaS, Cloud, and iOS.

However, it doesn’t support desktop and Android websites.

4) Termly

Termly is another reliable generator that can get you an excellent banner for an AFFORDABLE PRICE.

Its features are the easiest to work with, and they can customize the banner depending on your needs.

It’s also one of the many great cookie plug-ins for WordPress, making it perfect for blogs and small businesses.

What are Cookie Consent Banners?

Cookie consent banners are the notifications that pop up when website visitors first open your site. It INFORMS the users of your website’s cookie usage.

It lets users know their rights, especially on how their personal data is used. From there, the user can consent to cookies while browsing your website.

This banner will also contain links to your website’s cookie policy and the cookie preference center.

Note that your website’s cookie policy is different from your privacy policy. While both adhere to data privacy laws, the cookie law targets a specific service from your website.

What is a Cookie Consent Banner Generator?

It’s a website with a collection of templates that can help you create a cookie banner for a business or blog site.

The best generators for cookie consent banners usually function as the best cookie policy generators to help your business website become FULLY COMPLIANT with the different privacy laws.

Features of Cookie Consent Banner Generators

It’s important to look for a generator that will display every important document needed to keep your website compliant with several mandates.

These are some of the standard features found in reliable cookie consent banner generators.

Cookie Consent Banner Customization

Generators usually allow you to customize cookie banners based on your page aesthetics and themes. You can also use their available themes for easier formatting.

Most generators can also create a banner in different languages, depending on where the user is.

It can AUTOMATICALLY detect the visitor’s IP address and tailor the banner according to the regulations in their area.

Customize Your Cookie Policy

Generators for cookie banners usually come with a free cookie policy generator.

You can EASILY discover cookies and make the necessary policy for your business website. Then, you can customize the policy according to what your website needs.

Cookie Legislation Compliance

Since cookie banners help inform users about important legal documents, they adhere to many local, national, and international laws on privacy.

Consent is VERY IMPORTANT for these mandates, especially since it deals with personal data.

These are also required by parties like Google Analytics that help keep websites visible on search engines.

CCPA Compliant

The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) doesn’t usually require a user’s consent except for the sale of personal data from users under 16.

Banners under this would usually inform users of the cookies and give them the option not to sell their data.

GDPR Cookie Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law in the European Union that aims to PROTECT internet users and their data.

According to this mandate, visitors of websites should be informed as to why and how their data is used. They should be allowed to decline consent to cookies.

It’s also connected to the EU’s ePrivacy Directive, which states the EU’s specific cookie law. Their cookie law provides additional guidelines for third-party cookies.

Benefits of a Cookie Banner Generator

While a generator can’t replace legal experts, it does have its benefits, especially for smaller establishments.

These are how cookie consent banner generators help website owners comply with the laws.

No Need for Advanced Technical Knowledge

The main feature of these generators is their easy installation. It allows for a straightforward and easy-to-use generator that ANYONE can use.

You’ll simply give the information needed to help your website comply with data laws. Then, they will generate a code for you to copy onto your website.

Custom Templates

Templates from cookie banner generators are available depending on their subscription plans and policies.

The generator also lets you adjust your cookie banner settings to fit the different websites’ aesthetics, language, and more.

Set Compliance

You can easily set your banner’s compliance according to the location your users access it and to the policies of third parties, like Google Analytics.

It can be formatted to have automatic updates about the different mandates as they’re updated.

The links and format will comply with the ePrivacy Directive and its cookie laws if it’s commonly accessed in the EU. Websites with users from California will see one that follows the CCPA.

Manage and Block Cookies

Having a cookie consent manager is an essential tool that allows you to organize the users’ preferences about personal data and keep track of the traffic on your page.

If a user decides to block your website cookies, then it should do so to adhere to the Cookie Law.

Consent management and blocking are also IMPORTANT FACTORS to consider to keep your website in compliance with the mandates.

Some of the best generators usually help manage user consent and help with blocking cookies.

How to Use a Cookie Banner Generator (Free)

Cookie banner generators are straightforward and easy to use.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using these generators to help you get started.

Step 1) Sign Up With Your Free Cookie Consent Banner Program

Create an account with your chosen cookie banner generator.

Most banner programs are free to use or have a FREE TRIAL, depending on the site. You can choose according to your preference.

Step 2) Scan Your Website For Cookies

Have the generator scan your site for cookies. If the generator doesn’t have this, you may have to use a different service to help you.

It will categorize the cookies to help you make a good policy.

Step 3) Create a Cookie Policy

You create your privacy policy based on the third-party cookies tracked by the generator. It will allow you to customize it based on what you need.

Many great cookie policy generators online can make this process easier.

Step 4) Ensure Website Compliance

Before you can display your banner, it’s always important to double-check each document and the information included.

It should be in compliance with important mandates, like the ePrivacy Directive.

Step 5) Display Your Cookie Consent Banner

Once you’ve generated your cookie banner, copy the HTML code provided by the generator and paste it onto your site.

Once a user accesses your website, it will display the banner and ask for consent regarding their data.

It will also show any important link that can inform users about cookies and their personal data. They will decide whether to opt in or deny consent to cookies.

You can simply let the cookie consent manager block and allow cookies according to the visitors’ preference.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cookie Banner Generator

A cookie consent banner generator can come with different factors that can help you while you look for a reliable generator for a cookie consent banner.


Cookie banners are usually made to fit your website’s aesthetic and content.

Some elements of a cookie banner may vary depending on your location. It helps you stay compliant with mandates protecting your website and visitors.

A common example is if your site is commonly accessed in California, the generator can create a cookie banner that is CCPA compliant.

Ease of Use

These generators are easy to use and accessible, regardless of technological background.

Thanks to these generators, you can have a cookie consent banner on your website in minutes.

Compliance With Regulations

The generator you use should be in compliance with the regulations in place.

Having AUTOMATIC UPDATES for when mandates change is a great feature. It helps you, as a user, to be more up-to-date with certain policy changes.


There are many FREE cookie banner generators online. It ensures that you can protect any data and follow any mandate for data protection.

You can easily get a cookie banner for your business page, especially since some sites let you create one with no credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have more questions about these generators.

I’ve gathered the most asked questions to help you further understand the topic.

Do You Need a Cookie Consent Banner on Your Website?

YES, you need a cookie banner, especially if you have users from regions with strict mandates on data privacy, like the European Union.

These help you collect your visitors’ consent easily when they access your website since it’s the first thing that pops up when they open your website.

Any link to it also helps your visitors understand the importance of data privacy.

How Does a Cookie Banner Work?

When a user opens a page on your website, the cookie banner will POP UP for users to see. It has all the legal documents regarding cookies.

It allows them to opt in, opt out, or customize their cookie preferences. It also shows a link to your site’s cookies policy.

What Should a Cookie Consent Banner Say?

The contents of your cookie banner are based on the laws that apply to your website. It can be affected by the location of your users.

The bottom line is it should ask for their consent regarding cookies.

An example would be how a GDPR cookie banner should comply with the General Data Protection Regulation if the common website users include EU citizens.

It may have different information for those who aren’t EU users.

Why is it Important to Secure Cookie Consent from Website Users?

Securing your users’ consent is important because websites for businesses or an eCommerce store handle collected data. It keeps them informed about what you do with said data for their safety.

Businesses are legally required to ask for consent as well. It creates trust between businesses and users and complies with the EU’s ePrivacy Directive, CCPA, and other privacy laws in place.


Data privacy and protection are taken seriously by governments and the general public. By having important policies visible to your website users, you can easily inform them about such policies.

Cookie banner generators will GREATLY HELP your website stay compliant with privacy policies.