LegalZoom Vs Nolo | Which Service is Better for Your Needs?

If you are hunting for LegalZoom vs Nolo breakdown, you will find this article helpful. LegalZoom and Nolo are websites that were created to offer legal help.
For a fraction of what a lawyer costs, the document preparation services will help you create the power of attorney, trademark, will, business formation documents, estate plans, and many more.
We will help you decide between the two by giving valuable information.

LegalZoom vs Nolo: Side by Side Comparison

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced business person, you will find LegalZoom very helpful.

It is not only a business formation service but helps with other documents as well.It will handle all the important legal paperwork for you.

The company was founded in 2004 and since then, it has helped over 3.6 million customers. It is located in California, United States, and has 1,080 employees.

Nolo is a renowned legal website. It has lawyers all over the United States and products such as software, legal forms, legal articles, and digital guides prepared by legal experts.

It was founded in 1971 by 2 lawyers, Charles Sherman and Ralph Warner with an aim of giving free or low-cost legal information.

Overview of Nolo Legal Services and Forms

This is a legal website with more than 1 million visitors every month. Its legal services include the following:

  • Business forms needed to operate a business. They are all written by lawyers. They include the LLC operating agreement, assignment of the commercial lease, letter firing your attorney, Corporate Bylaws, Sales Contract, and many more.
Nolo features

Getting these form templates is as simple as choosing the one you want and paying for it. The company can also help create your own LLC, corporation, and nonprofit.

  • The company has legal articles prepared by lawyers on various topics such as divorce and family law, criminal law, business formation, personal finance, immigration, employment law, accidents and injuries, foreclosure, bankruptcy, debt management, and many more.
  • It has law firms and lawyers in different practice areas such as asylum, real estate, auto accident, child custody, traffic tickets, intellectual property, family, employment, green card, civil rights, and many more.
  • Contains legal form templates. At a lower cost, you can get a will, power of attorney, residential lease, promissory note, authorization for international travel with a minor, etc.
  • The company has eBooks and software
nolo's covers

Getting informational articles and lawyers is free.  Software, business books, eBooks, and forms are very affordable.
If you would like in-depth guidance on any legal topic, you can purchase the books or eBooks which cost from $25 to $40.
Forming an LLC, Corp, and nonprofit starts at $99 plus estate fees.

Overview of Legalzoom Legal Services

This is a one-stop-shop for all of your legal needs. I also gave my opinion in ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom article. With LegalZoom, you can get the following services:

  • Business filing. Will help create a limited liability company, corporation, nonprofit, sole proprietorship and get employer identification number
  • Have live attorneys to discuss legal matters
  • Registered agents
  • Free business name check
  • You will get lifetime customer support
  • Expedited processing and shipping
LegalZoom features

Side by Side Comparisons

Notable featuresDeals mainly with business formation such as limited liability company, corporations, nonprofit.Mainly sells legal forms, eBooks, books, and software
Customer supportIt has great customer service. It can be contacted through phone and email.Have to fill the form to contact support
ExperienceThe company has helped millions of people to establish businessesBusiness formation services were introduced recently by Nolo
PriceLegalZoom has a package that starts at $0 plus state filing feesBusiness formation starts at $99 plus state fees.


LegalZoom LLC pricing

LegalZoom offer

The company has 3 pricing packages which are economy, standard, and express gold.  If you visit their official site, you will see that the economy starts at $0 plus state fees. Standard costs $329 and express gold $349.

Nolo LLC

nolo offers

Forming an LLC, Corp, and nonprofit starts at $99 plus estate fees, books, and eBooks costs from $25 to $40. Single forms range from $9 to $15. Informational articles are given free.

Notable Features Comparison

Nolo primarily sells legal forms, books, eBooks, and software while LegalZoom specializes in business formation. If you are looking to form a Limited Liability Company, Sole proprietorship, corporation, and nonprofit,

I would recommend LegalZoom.
The company has helped millions of people set up various businesses. Nolo is not experienced with a business formation like LegalZoom.

User Experience and Ease of Use

The main reason most people visit Nolo is to access informational articles, legal forms, books and to find a local lawyer. It is so easy to create legal forms and contracts with this company.

The articles are easy to understand and have guidelines on how to create your documents. My experience with LegalZoom was awesome. I used the company to form my LLC and it was cheaper than hiring a lawyer. It was an easy to use legal service, got a pain free order process and there were plenty of lawyers to consult.

LegalZoom has plenty of legal forms to choose from, registered agent service, and documents for your divorce, marriage, new name, residential lease to protect your investment, etc.

Customer Support

Nolo vs LegalZoom

LegalZoom has the best support system. They offer phone and email support. You can also fill a form on their “Contact US” page and your questions will be answered thoroughly.
They are available from Monday to Friday. The best time to contact the support is from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Phone: 1-888-203-7652

For general questions, technical support, and customer service, Nolo requests users to fill a form on their “Contact US” page. For billing inquiries, you can call this number:
Phone number:  800-631-5158 ext.3

Turnaround Times

The turnaround time for LegalZoom depends on the price package that you will choose. If you choose the economy package, you have to wait 30 business days before getting your documents.
It is the best package for those people who are not in a hurry to form their business plus are on a tight budget.

The turnaround time for the standard package is 15 days. It is also ideal for entrepreneurs who are not in a hurry but want additional services. The last one is the express gold package. Its turnaround time is 7 to 10 days.

This is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to set up their businesses as soon as possible. It has VIP processing, express shipping plus rush processing with the secretary of state.
How fast is Nolo?

The turnaround time for Nolo is 2 to 3 weeks for LLC formation. Other products like eBooks are instant while other products can take days.

Order Tracking

You can track your order if you have either ordered from Nolo or LegalZoom. It is very easy to track your order with LegalZoom. Log into your account and you will see current orders on your dashboard.

On the other hand, Nolo requires you to contact them with the order number and email address that you registered with so as to give the status of your order.